Megaphone effect

Hi, what is currently the best plugin (free) to do the “megaphone effect” on a voice?
I’ve tried with the equalizer (also using the various available settings), but I can’t get that effect.

Thank you

The Graphic EQ is probably your best bet…

Try starting with this -
Pull all of the sliders below 1kHz and above 5kHz all the way down.
Boost 1 & 2kHz by +6dB.

That’s just a suggested starting point. I didn’t do a lot of experimenting myself and I don’t know if it’s exactly the sound you’re looking for.

Boosting will probably push the levels into clipping (distortion) but that’s probably OK and you may even want to try adding more distortion effects.

If you want to avoid the “accidental” distortion, run the Amplify or Normalize effect after EQ (and before exporting).

…Note that Audacity itself won’t clip simply by boosting (assuming no additional distortion effect). If you are playing-back at full-volume you’ll clip your DAC but otherwise you may not hear it until you export.

You might also want to try a little Reverb.

Very nice, it’s exactly the effect I was looking for.
Thank you,

Steve’s PublicAddress plugin still works in Audcaity3.

AudioThing has a realistic Megaphone plugin, the free demo version will do 30 seconds before inserting spoiler-silence.

In both cases the echoverb is mono, not stereo.
For realism stereo-reverb is required.

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