Measuring frequency of audio occurrence

hi all,

I have a 7 minute audio in wav file with content like in this picture:

The audio frequency used in each occurrence is 16 kHz.

From this file, I want to extract:

  1. the audio occurrence frequency of section 1, 2 and 3. If it was a train of “1” (audio occurrence) and “0” (no audio), I want to know the frequency of “1” in each section,
  2. the audio occurrence time (4,5,6,7,etc) and save it to a csv or spreadsheet.

How can I use audacity to achieve that?
It’s a 7 minutes track, is there a plugin that I can use?

I am new to audio processing so I might use incorrect terms to explain my situation.

Is your file consistant throughout, can you just measure a few occurrances and average for the file or do you want to measure each occurance throughout.
It you display the tracks in Audacity you will see it is displayed along a timeline, you can just Zoom in and measure the distance between each occurance on the timeline.
OR you can set the units in the selection counter to time down to ms, then drag mouse to select the section and take reading for the selection count at bottom of screen.
to measure frequency of the actual audio in each burst you can measure the time for 1 cycle and work out frequency from that. If you zoom in enough you will see the individual samples to be more accurate…
You can export audio data to csv using Tools…Sample Data Export…

Thank you for the response @AudyMusik.

The file content is not consistent throughout. What I did manually was highlighting each section and calculate the occurrence using the timeline ruler.
I was wandering if someone had done it “automatically” with script or plugins, hence the questions.

I did verify the “carrier” audio frequency with this method … as I stated in my original posting it is 16 kHz.

I will try this one. Thanks for the hint.

Sorry, its not actually csv but is a text file, but OK for parsing into a spreadsheet, getting the peaks of the bursts and calc. the distance in time between them and work out freq.

Yeah … no problem with output file format, it’s still recognized by spreadsheet.

Anyway, I finally had to do it manually to get what I wanted, using other tool not from Audacity.
Exporting data using audacity is limited to only first 1000000 samples, which is only 22 seconds long if using 44.1khz sampling freq.
As I said, I am new to audio processing and audacity, I could be the one who do not know many things about Audacity potentials.