Measure Loudness in LUFS


let me share the latest version of the Nyquist plugin with you:
Loudness Measurement.ny (6.8 KB)

The implemented loudness measurement is fully compliant with ITU-R BS.1770-4.
Reference: Recommendation ITU-R BS.1770-4 (10/2015)

I am reaching out for assistance with optimization. In another plugin, Dereverb, it was possible to minimize the memory consumption - the size of the used RAM is almost equivalent to the input audio. However, I am having difficulty achieving the same with the Loudness Measurement plugin.

Currently, the consumed RAM space is three times the volume of the audio signal. Is there a way we can improve this?

Thank you.

PS: How can I edit an existing post? I would like to include this version in the first post of this thread.