how do I get 2.0.1 version to recognize mbox2? (using windows7)

You must first get Windows to recognize it. Plug the Mbox2 in, wait until Windows recognizes it and then launch Audacity. The MBox2 or a generic USB device should then appear in the drop-down lists in your Device Toolbar in Audacity.

From fuzzy memory, isn’t that the one that requires ASIO software that Audacity doesn’t have? See if you can find Windows drivers for it if it won’t mount any other way. Koz

As PGA wrote,connect the MBox and wait for Windows to recognise it before you launch Audacity.
If Audacity is already open, either close and relaunch it or select “Rescan Audio Devices” from the Transport menu.
Then use the Device Toolbar to select the MBox (USB option) http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Device_Toolbar

The MBox can use ASIO or WDM drivers. Audacity as shipped can only use the WDM drivers, not ASIO so if it still does not work, ensure that you have the Windows drivers installed for the MBox.

My experience of the MBox is that the drivers can be a bit unreliable connecting, so if it appears to connect but does not work properly you may need to “Safely Remove Hardware” and physically disconnect or switch off the MBox, then reconnect. Audacity should be restarted if you do that.