MBOX 2 mini & Audacity,cannot record

Just got a Mbox 2 mini from friend.
trying to record voice work onto Audacity like I use to before I got Mbox 2 mini…through my MAC 10.5.8.
It will play back thru Mbox,but I cannot record.

I changed audio settings in MAC sound card to digi design setting in imputs and output on MAC…but I did notice when I did that
that the speaker setting gets shaded !!! Didn’t understand that.

Someone said suggested getting the ASIO drivers? Kinda green at all this,so I appreciate any help.

Seems to be a problem for many…so someone must have solved it by now.


You should be able to get the Mac to recognize the MBox as a straight USB device without ASIO. ASIO is special software that makes it much easier to manage overdubbing and multitrack without delays. Adding ASIO to Audacity is possible, but needs a very advanced user, and sometimes even then.

Plug in the MBox and open Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. Do you see the device listed there? Does the blue-ball sound meter jump when you talk or sing? If the Mac system can’t see the MBox, then Audacity will never work right.


Thanks,that got it…appreciate it