maximum frequency generation

Hello folks,
I am using 2.0.0 on ubuntu as a frequency generator. I just need to generate one frequency at a time, so the Generate->Tone menu option is easy for this. My question is, up to what frequency can I generate an output wave form (beyond hearing range) that I could output via a port on my laptop? I am aiming to go as high as 9GigaHz. Can Audacity generate this range of signal? I reaize this is also hardware dependent, but from the software point of view?
Thanks for any replies, Richard

If you mean the headphone connection, you’d be doing very well if it covered the audible range of human hearing. 20Hz - 20 KHz. Audacity default sample rate is 44100 which, on a good day will barely reproduce 20 KHz.

You run up against the laptop maker’s intense desire to make things as cheaply as possible, so the soundcard inside most computers is barely minimum needed and frequently doesn’t make it that far.

So that’s it. The whole radio range above that is pretty much closed to you. RF generators that go to 9GHz are available. There’s a used one.



OK, understood, thank you. :slight_smile:

The link you sent seems to be broken, can you paste it again please?


It’s possible the link doesn’t work from your location. The signal generator was $27,000 USD.

Agilent E8663D PSG
RF Analog Signal Generator

It goes from 100KHz to 9 GHz.


OK. Thank you again. Best regards, Richard.