"Maximum" Amplify

This is my first post on the forum, I registered specifically to make a feature suggestion (or perhaps someone can point me at an existing feature I’m over-looking).
I use Audacity to capture streaming voice, like classes, radio programs, symposiums, etc. It is necessary that I post process, this is how I currently do so:

  1. Remove dcoffset bias (noise on sound card)
  2. Select whole recording… amplify.
  3. Go minute-by-minute (or larger slices, 3 minutes-by-3 minutes) and amplify those sections.

The reason for doing so is that sometimes the speakers are at different sources, and have different sound levels. I want to make sure everyone is at the same level on the recording.
I have an easy suggestion for doing so, it’s an extension of the current amplify (I don’t know if this could be some type of feature that allows all effects to be run the same way I run amplify).
I select the whole recording, say 60 minutes, and then specify the length of time slice, and it will run the amplify effect 60 times on the 1 minute (for example) slices rather than me manually doing so.
I would like to do this with a chain, but I don’t believe it is possible to do so. The problem with the chains is that they cannot be used to “select” audio like I am doing (however I suppose it helps those doing multi-tracks?).

This seems like something I could take the time to do if I really wanted to, however I’m here because brute forcing it will get the job done, and I have no confidence in my ability to go through the source code and program in my own effect based on the current “amplify” effect.

Try the Compressor effect.

– Bill

If it’s a theatrical presentation, you might make use of Chris’s Compressor.

Chris’s Compressor

Chris designed his compressor to be musical. It makes the shows louder and suppresses volume variations within the show. It works so well you can forget you’re using it.