Maximize each wavecycle to maximum volume

I need to modify a specific ambient sound for experiment. I’ve seen that the kick sounds can use a tool, that can increase the volume level of each wavecycle (normalize at all zero crossings). The sound, which I need to modify has a long duration. It’s quite difficult to use amplify or normalize effect, because it doesn’t produce a large effect. The audio volume is almost unchanged. In order to increase the volume level, I need to select each wavecycle and amplify it. I wanted to ask: how to compress each wavecycle without distortion and clipping? How it is possible to maximize each wavecycle to maximum volume?

how to compress each wavecycle without distortion and clipping?

I’ve never heard of doing that cycle by cycle. Maybe one of the elves could write something…

It won’t be without distortion, though. The zero crossings of the waves will no longer match. Any abrupt change in waveform integrity generates higher harmonics/overtones which weren’t there in the original performance.

You will have a version of the bottom wave. (This is an illustration for something else.)

The only reason you can get away with that in editing is it only happens once in the whole show. If you had a continuous stream of those, it would be audible.


Oh, and you will need a way to stop doing that at some selected level, or else the tool will try to process the microphone noise.


Maybe you are looking for a brickwall limiter ? …

Changing the shape of the waveform will, by definition, introduce distortion.
That distortion may, or may not be, conspicuously audible.

I was thinking, maybe I need to use glide effect to make a short transitions between sounds? Perhaps, it would be the easier solution.

As others have said, it is not possible to do with no distortion (because by definition you are wanting to modify the shape of the waveform and that IS a form of distortion).

Applying a lookahead brick wall limiter with very short attack / hold / release times should give you the result that you want with minimal distortion. The attack / hold / release times need to be a little shorter than the wavelength of the fundamental frequency, and the threshold level set to the lowest level cycle that you want to maximise. Longer times will fail to maximise some of the cycles. If the times are too short, the amount of distortion will increase.

If you could post a typical audio sample of the type of audio that you want to do this to, we can suggest specific effects / settings.
See here for how to post an audio sample: