Matching two voice recordings same actor


I am new to audacity and I was wondering if anyone could help me about making two pieces of audio sound the same. I am working on an animated documentary project for my university where I have to produce a 30 second clip of animation tied to an interview. Upon review by peers I was told I need to edit the interview in order to clarify what the subject is talking about.

In my piece all I need to do is put the word ‘Uber’ in front of the dialogue. I knew the interviewee and so I got him to record himself saying the line, however he had to use an iphone instead of a zoom recorder that I used to interview him .

I tried to equalise the track to get it to sound similar but I was pathetically bad at it, cutting out a lot of the top end frequencies to make both audio sound badly the same. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how the curve would look to make these tracks similar.

I can’t post the entire audio track but I will post the section that I need to flow. It doesn’t have to be perfect but I just need to get away with that one word.

Any help would literally be lifesaving

sorry for being a sound noob.

Is the clip before or after you tried?


Would be easier to ask the actor to use the same mic, but it would still sound different whatever you do.

Could you instead have another actor say something that would put the meaning in? That would make the difference in sound make sense.

Or have that one word different in a way that sounds like it’s meant to be.