Match Two Clips Audio Properties?

I have two clips of someone speaking that were recorded from two different sources. I want to piece together the clips as seamlessly as possible so they sound like they were from the same recording. Is there any easy way to do this?

Is the same person talking on both?

Not an easy way, no. Select some of the voice from the target recording and Analyze > Spectrum (change to Log Frequency, 8192) Pull the display as large as possible and screen capture the window. Now open up the second track and analyze that. Capture that window. While in the second track, Effect > Equalize and choose equalizer values to fill in the differences between the two screen captures.

If you’ve been doing this for years, you don’t need the screen captures. You can tell by listening.


Oh, if there’s echoes or noise on one track and not the other, you’re dead.


The imperfect solution would be to artificially create similar noise/echoes/reverberation on the clean track to make it sound as bad as the other.