Match audio levels between two track of the same speech

Hi there!

I’ve here a recorded speech that is divided in two different tracks… a part of it’s production was made in one day, and the other on a second day…and in different locations.

So the tracks are sounding jus’ a little bit different. Nothing extreme.

I tried to balance them with equalization, but since i’m a noob with audio editing, i can’t get it right.

Please, take a look at the attachment. Could you please tell me what to do to get the both tracks sounding similar?

Thanks in advance!

I didn’t hear any difference. We we listening to the performance after you got done with it? We warn people not to do that because our first task is to take you out before we put us in.

In any event, nobody I know is going to be able to tell the difference between those two. I was expecting shifting echo patterns, but no. So what you did worked.


Thanks for your feedback indeed!

No, i did not change nothing.

Are you sure? Is this just my stupid perfectionism?? Cant believe it, man…

Look… maybe, is because the sample that i sent first was simply too short. Take a look at a better, way more clear exemple of the kind of problem facing here. It’s attached. Please, take a look at it using audacity.

thank you!

The second recording definitely sounds as if it has been processed in some way (such as Noise Removal) If you have not processed it, then perhaps your recording device did some automatic processing - how has it been recorded?

Alright…some noise removal was applied, but equaly for both of them. So, you would get the same sound difference…at least, perceive the same level of difference between the two.

Is there something that i can do about it, to make them sound more similar to each other?

Did you use the same “Noise Profile” across both recordings? It’s best not to do that. Noise Removal depends on a good noise sample that closely matches the noise to be removed.

In the first sample the Noise Removal does not stand out, so I’d guess that you got it about right with that one.
In the second sample, the words sound like they are cut off at the end, with a weird “swooshing” sound between words - typical of over aggressive noise removal.

Other than that the “tone” (equalization) sounds about right. You could perhaps pull down frequencies around 350 Hz just a little in the first sample and then amplify it by about 1.5 dB.
This is the result (shortened):

I dont see much difference from the original one that i sent you.

Any way…i’m a sick,perfectionist person. So, since i’m this way, my opinion can be a little distorted from reality.

For you, those two audios tracks sound similar?

No there isn’t much difference, but I don’t think that you’re likely to get it much closer without re-recording.

got it.

Thanks a ton, man. Awesome ; )