Mac OS 10.13.2 High Sierra

I have been learning as I go (aka hacking) the mastering process for my recorded book, which I plan to submit to Audible. Is there a place here in the forum where I can learn about the best techniques for this? I have been using the Filter - rolloff for voice, RMS normalization and Limiter - in that order.

Seems though that using Noise Reduction is necessary, (even though I have a very quiet studio space) which the ACX folks advise against over-using (makes clips sound “over processed”?)

Happy to hear any and all feedback / direction. Thanks!

learning … the mastering process for my recorded book

Have you already recorded it? The whole thing?

There is a new ACX Check analysis tool available.

If the one you used looks like this …

… then you have the old one. The new one has a much shorter info panel, works faster, and on longer performances.

Seems though that using Noise Reduction is necessary

Not always. If you can pass noise by at least -65dB or quieter, then you can usually publish with no further work.

Both the forum and ACX allow you to post a short test before you start pushing tons of sound files around.

Record a ten second sample and post it here.

Do not correct or process anything. Raw voice as you normally perform, cut it to length, export and post it.