Mastering audio

Hi all, I am a Musician and Composer. And I use Audacity for Mastering and editing my Multitrack recordings and making final adjustments to my .wav files, for production! I think it is truly amazing, and I can’t find fault with it at all. And it is free . Thank you people at Audacity. :clap: :clap: :clap: Regard’s, Joseph.
My Music: Joseph O’Beirne www.soundcloud

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TDR Labs “Prism” is a free realtime spectrogram plugin which works in Audcaity3


For multi-track mixing, Audacity probably isn’t the best tool.

It’s fine for mastering as long as you don’t want to use any 3rd-party plug-ins that don’t support Audacity. Audacity’s limiter is GREAT! It uses look-ahead so with most settings it doesn’t distort the waveform.

I use Vst 2 vst 3 plugins with audacity without no problems! So I am very happy, with my audio editing and final results.

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