Master Volume Control

Greetings all,

I am hoping somebody can help me. Is there a way to adjust the volume of all the tracks in my Audacity project simultaneously (ie without having to move the sliders individually for every single track). I have a piece mixed to a level I really like (there are like 10 tracks and I have set them at levels where they all sound perfectly together), but when I export my mix to a wav the track is hot (lots of red marks all over the waveform). What I would like to do is lower the volume of all the pieces proportionately together without having to lower every single slider individually. Can this be done?
Thanks everybody for your time and help!

No, it’s a feature request, so moved to that board.

You can select all the tracks, Tracks > Mix and Render and then Effect > Amplify… to the desired level at or below 0 dB. Your tracks must be 32-bit float to do this.