Massive problems after 3.1 update


I just updated to 3.1 today and after working with it for about 2 hrs w/o any problems, the programm basically started attacking me with freezes and shut downs:

  • the stop button startet to push itself superfast (fixed for now after two reinstalls)

  • freezes during playback

  • programm just exiting itself during eq processing

  • freezes during compressor processing

  • freezes during export

Since I started and saved the project in 3.1 when it was still working I can’t down grade to 3.0.5 (which was working properly) to finish my project, it won’t let me open it.

Did anyone else experience this behaviour?


For context:
I’m working on a 45 min Podcast episode with 4 tracks (wav). I’ve been doing this job with the same setup for a while now and had an occasional freeze here and there but never like this, where working with Audacity becomes virtually impossible.

PC specs (please let me know if you need more info):
Betriebsystemname Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042
Systemhersteller HP
Systemmodell HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook
Systemtyp x64-basierter PC
Prozessor Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2592 MHz, 4 Kern(e), 8 logische(r) Prozessor(en)
Installierter physischer Speicher (RAM) 8,00 GB
Gesamter physischer Speicher 7,84 GB
Verfügbarer physischer Speicher 3,66 GB
Gesamter virtueller Speicher 11,7 GB
Verfügbarer virtueller Speicher 6,65 GB
Größe der Auslagerungsdatei 3,88 GB

Curious. It works OK for me. I just created a new project in 3.1, saved it, then using recent files it opened right up in 3.0.4 and in 3.0.5.

What error do you get?

If you care to zip up your project and upload it to a file sharing service, then post (or PM me) a link, I’ll take a look at it.

Thanks for sharing your difficulties… while 3.1 has not been out long enough to know that your reported problems do not happen with others, It almost looks as though you have some other issue with your machine. We’ll see what others have to report…

@jademan - if you use a feature that’s new in 3.1 (namely, non-destructive trimming), it causes a different project file version than if you don’t use any.

@ray - I have some suspicions. Say, if you take any of the clips you probably just made, can you un-trim them (eg, copypaste onto a new track and drag on the upper corner on the clip to extend it)? Also, how large is the project while you have it open? How large does it get after editing on it for a while? Does saving and restarting audacity fix the problem (temporarily)? How much hard drive space remains?

I have the same issues. The most pressing issue for me right now is being unable to export. The project is complete but utterly usless.

For exporting, can you try exporting in another format? I wonder if it’s just one kind of export (eg mp3), or the entire export system.

Did you find a solution I have the same problem!?

Are you able to copy the track(s) to another project, then export from the new project ?

I’ll make you the same offer I made Ray:

We have identified a cause of the slowness: The serialization and de-serialization of the project. If I understand this correctly, this has something to do with autosaves. We hope to fix this with 3.1.1.

Thank you all for your responses! I’ll get back to them in detail on Friday!

Just quickly, since this seems to be especially pressing: in the end I managed to export my project via select all + File>Export>Export selected Audio…

It says “This Project was created with a newer version of Audacity. You will need to upgrade to open it.” plus this error text
“timestamp”: 1636104524,
“event_id”: “1c21b4eea059b0469f268472de4ae113”,
“platform”: “native”,
“release”: “audacity@3.0.5”,
“contexts”: {
“os”: {
“type”: “os”,
“name”: “Windows”,
“version”: “10.0.19042”
“exception”: {
“values”: [
“type”: “Error_Opening_Project”,
“value”: “This project was created with a newer version of Audacity.\n\nYou will need to upgrade to open it.”,
“mechanism”: {
“type”: “runtime_error”,
“handled”: false,
“data”: {
“log”: “10:28:44: Error: Failed to load shared library ‘’ (error 126: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.)\n10:28:44: Error: Failed to load FFmpeg libraries.\n10:28:44: Returning PATH to previous setting: Program Files (Common Shared compiler;Program Files (Common Shared compiler;Program Files (iCLS ;Program iCLS ;System32;Windows;wbem;;Program Files (Intel(R) Management Engine DAL;Program Intel(R) Management Engine DAL;Program Files (Intel(R) Management Engine IPT;Program Intel(R) Management Engine IPT;System32;Windows;wbem;;;Program Files (bin;WindowsApps;\n10:28:44: Error: Failed to find compatible FFmpeg libraries.\n10:28:44: DBConnection SetError\n\tErrorCode: 0\n\tLastError: This project was created with a newer version of Audacity.\n\nYou will need to upgrade to open it.\n\tLibraryError: \n”

Thanks for the update. :smiley:

I take it all is working for you now, or you have reverted to 3.0.5 ?

Regardless, it would be useful if you could answer LWinterberg’s questions. He is involved in a hotfix hoped to be released during the next week or two. :smiley:

Hej! Sorry for the delay!

Yes, I did. That was the reason why I didn’t end up answering LWInterberg’s questions on Friday, too. I didn’t have enough time to go back to 3.1 and test those things after I finished work.

I hope this will be helpful regardless:

Question 1:

No. This is not working for any of the clips, not just for the clip I copypasted to a new mono track, but for all clips in the entire project. It did work when I was working on the project initially, though.

Question 2:

Project closed: 2,89 GB
Project openend: 2,89 GB

Question 3:

Project after copying a couple of clips, deleteing some of them again, duplicating a couple of tracks, deleting some again (I hope this is enough to simulate “editing for a while”): 2,89 GB + .aup3-shm file (32,0 KB) + .aup3-wal file (went from 0 KB to 3,32 MB after the edits I mentioned above)
Question 4:

The ghostly superfast activity on the stop-button: No. Opened and closed the project a bunch of times and it kept happening, eventually it stoped. I did a few system reboots, too, though.

I suspected that and opened a blank LibreOffice Writer page to see if my keyboard was just randomly hitting the space bar by itself (idk, dirt or some liquid making an electrical contact or whatever). Wasn’t the case though.

The problem with exporting: No. (Not sure if I mentioned this before: the export seems to hit a wall at around 45-47 % every time. I can’t be sure but it seems to be the exact same every time. A file is created as well, it contains almost half of the project, too.)

The inability to expand clips once they’ve been cut: No. It rather seems that it was working for a while initially and stopped working after saving, closing and reopening the project.

Question 5:

SSD (where Audacity is installed): 15,2 GB
regular hard drive (where the project is stored): 298 GB
(Just to see if the problems could have anything to do with the project being on the regular hard drive and Audacity on the SSD, I copied the project to the SSD, the problems remained the same.)

Thanks for your efforts and good luck with the hot fix!

Ray, thanks for answering Leo’s questions. Since I was inadvertently quoted, I’ll quote Leo here so he may see this post.

@Leo, in the previous post, please find Ray’s replies to your earlier questions.

aye, thanks! I’ll share it with the team!