mashupping for beginners

Hi All,

How challenging will it be for a newbie to create a mashup of a classical composer’s composition as performed with a deceased rock star’s music using Audacity?

Might it be easier-to-use software than Audacity for such a mashup?

Thank you.

There are some tutorials in the user manual for:
[u]Basic Editing[/u]

The [u]Envelope Tool[/u] may also be useful.

Assuming you want to mix, you’ll probably want to make crossfades (where two tracks overlap with one fading-out while the other fades-in). If you don’t want to hear a crossfade, it’s still often a good idea to “splice” audio with a very-short crossfade to avoid any clicks or pops, etc.

And any time you “cut”, a fade (short or long) is usually a good idea.

You might want/need to use the Change Pitch or Change Tempo effects.

Note that mixing is done by summation so you have to watch-out for [u]clipping[/u] (overload distortion). You can use the volume slider (to the left of the waveform) to reduce the volume of the tracks or you can export as 32-bit float WAV (which can go over 0dB without clipping), then re-open the mix and run the Amplify or Normalize effect to bring down the level before exporting to your final/desired format.

…The closest thing I’ve done to a “mashup” is a crossfaded-mix which coincidentally had a “classical theme” but no classical music. It includes Roll Over Beethoven by ELO, Rockaria by ELO, and Rock Me Amadeus by Falco. If I remember correctly… I started with the Beethoven’s Fifth intro from Roll Over, then went-into Rock Me Amadeus, then Rockarea, then finished-off with Roll Over Beethoven.

Thank you so much for sharing those insights and thoughts.

I think this kind of a project would prove rather involved so I’ll leave that to the Masters/Mistresses(?) of the Universe Audio Engineers (of which I am NOT) :slight_smile:

Thanks again.