Martin Denny Exotic Moog Song Sounds Weird

Hi everyone, I am making this forum because I am having a particular sound quality issue with one of the songs from the Martin Denny Exotic Moog Albums, specifically the track: Was It Really Love. I had tried cleaning up the track myself, but never really could regardless of any software I used. I also asked my father for help with this particular issue, he said it was the treble, but no matter how much I tried fixing it, it never really sounded like how it’s supposed to sound. If you all could maybe help me with this problem, I’d really appreciate it. If need be that I can’t fix it myself or it can’t be fixed by me, I’m more than willing to pay for a fix in the track. Here’s a YouTube video of how it’s supposed to sound: And sorry guys, I couldn’t really fit a sample in the attachments, so here’s a link to the full track:

It sounds resonant in places. The quick cure is an automated equalization plug-in …

Hornet 31 is the cheapest I’ve seen, ~$25, you can (and should) try (the demo version) before you buy.

Hornet 31 (continuous mode).gif

Alright, I got Hornet 31, tried to use it in Audacity, tried all the settings, but for some reason I can’t make it sound like the recording on YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I tried applying multiple settings on Audacity and even iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor, and I just couldn’t get it to sound the way it’s supposed to. No matter what I tried, the beginning still sounded muffled and the drums still sounded like ticks and had an echo. I don’t know what to do know.

Equalization can cure muffled sound, but it can’t fix ticks/clicks,
you need a de-clicker plugin for that, (or repair each click manually).

IMO unwanted echo is not curable by any software.

Ok, maybe I worded that wrong. The ticks aren’t audio ticks, but the drums don’t sound like drums. But I still don’t know how to cure the muffled sounds of the beginning.