Marqueur de sélection et version 2.0.1


Juste pour signaler que dans la version 2.0.1,
si on pose des marqueurs et qu’ensuite, on supprime une partie de la bande passante,
le reste de la bande se décale à gauche mais les marqueurs ne suivent pas le mouvement.
Ils restent à l’heure position.
Pourriez-vous me dire si il s’agit d’un bug ou d’une nouvelle version de la fonction Edition/Suppression ?

Merci d’avance pour votre aide.

Je ne parle pas français. Sélectionnez dans la piste des marquers ainsi que la piste audio, puis sur Supprimer.


you can write in english.

I came from to make the same experience again.
I can’t delete the sound band with the marks.
If I use

  • the first choice Cut and relink
  • the second choice Delete and relink
    the marks in the second part of the screen stay at the same place instead of to follow the sound band which goes back.

If you can help me, it would be great because for the moment, I can’t use 2.0.1 for this problem.

And sorry for the translation of the technical terms in english.

Sorry for my last post. I came from understand your last post.
So, If I understand it’s not possible to delete the sound band and
in the same time, the marks band follows the same movement, as in the 1.3.8 version ?
I have to make to deleting operations ?

Maybe I don’t understand what you want to do.

I thought you want to delete some audio, then have the labels in the label track move left, so they are still in the same place in relation to the remaining audio.

In this case, you have to select the audio you want to cut in the label track as well as in the audio track (drag the mouse down after selecting in the audio track).

Or, choose Pistes > Synchroniser les pistes.