Marking sections in long audio mp3

I have a Win10 system and am new to using Audacity. I have version 2.1.2.

I have an audiobook that is one single track of 9+hours. I know a little about Audacity and the very basics of importing, exporting, and editing a file.

I would like to put some kind of markers into the audiobook file so I can easily find certain spots, like jumping to a new or specific track on a music CD.

Is this possible using Audacity? If so, how would I do it?

If is is not possible using Audacity, can you suggest another way to do it?

Thanks for any help.

Audacity has labels. Little markers that you can write notes in along with the blue sound waves.


Labels in Audacity probably won’t help because Audacity isn’t intended as an audio player.

The [u]ACX audiobook standards[/u] require a separate file for each chapter. Or you can have sub-chapters/sections if you want more, smaller, files.

The standard “computer” audio formats (MP3, WAV, etc.) do not support tracks/chapters. They are standard on “shiny disc” formats (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray). But, you can’t put 9 hours on an audio CD.