If there isn’t already a way to do it, it would be useful to be able to set ‘markers’ along the time bar in the form of something like yellow arrows. You should be able to set as many arrows as required to show when each line of lyrics begins while the melody is playing back. (for example: as the green timeline arrow passes over the ‘markers’ during the recoding of vocal tracks). This would help in keeping the ‘voiceover’ totally in sync with the melody.
Some melodies are easy to voiceover, but some are rather more difficult.

You seem to be describing Audacity Labels.


Thank you Kosikowski,
I attempted to use the ‘labels’ but I guess I haven’t fully understood how to set them to do what I want.

Technically, they’re not “Markers” since you can’t edit with them except indirectly. But once you understand what they do, they can be handy. That and development of labels/markers is progressing.

People arrive at Audacity from video editors and wonder where the “In Point” marker is. There isn’t one as far as I know.