Markers or Cues in a WAV file

I hope I didn’t miss it in the documentation,
A feature I used back in the Soundforge era was adding a Marker to .WAV file.

Why? in embedded software applications, wav files are played and when the marker comes up, it isn’t ‘heard audibly’ but is read by the playing software to trigger events in the code. Events such as syncing lights or motors to parts of a song for example.

Not sure how they did it, but it was a useful feature that I would like to see in Audacity.

oh, and effects used to default to applying to an entire file without selection. I miss that. Like Normalize for example. I always forget to select all the audio, and always get the warning, then have to go get my hands on the keyboard and make the cntrl+A selection. That’s an extra step I would like to avoid. Maybe in a setting?

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That is still an available option in Preferences:
“Select all audio, if selection required” Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual

You could possibly do something similar with custom metadata tags, though you would need to create your own embedded software application to read them.

It would be really nice if this could be supported, I’m having trouble finding software other than Sound Forge which supports wav cues.
In the WAV file format, there are tagged chunks of data. The particular chunk type of interest is tagged with the four-character chunk tag of "cue ". Each cue chunk contains a header with two values: a size and number of cue points, and then the set of cue points themselves.
This gist of some Python WAV parsing code illustrates it pretty well,

In Sound Forge, cue points in WAV files show up as vertical lines in the waveform. It’s easy to add new ones (just hit “F” IIRC), and when the WAV file is saved, the cue points get saved within it.

I would like to add another vote for this feature. I have used markers extensively for archival purposes and they were a great help back when I used Adobe Audition. I think there should be a checkbox/combobox in the Export WAV dialog to select a label track for conversion to cue point metadata. See details at