Mark tracks in a big mp3 file

Hi, I have an mp3 file from a 2 hour live performance and I like to create the possibility to mark the beginnings of all the song so I can with my mp3 player jump to the next or certain song. Is this possible to add these points with Audacity? Thanks

There is no “standard” way to do that.
iTunes supports “chapter tags”, but most other media players don’t.

The way that is supported by most media players is to export each “song” as a separate file, and then create a playlist to link them together. For example:

I think the biggest problem with this request is that Audacity doesn’t edit MP3. Audacity will open an MP3 and you can edit, change, or make corrections, but Audacity makes a new MP3 when you’re done. This means the sound quality will be lower than the original.

Doing sound production in MP3 is dangerous and not recommended.

There are other editors which do work on the original file and don’t have quality problems.