Mark the different tracks mixed in 1 long file

Hello All,
I’m new to audacity and i’d need your support to solve my issue (i looked to the older topic and to the audacity documentation but didn’t find my answer) :

  • I’ve created 1 long file (2h30) with 40 songs linked with fade out / fade in effect
  • I’ve put labels to mark the beginning and end of each songs and exported it in the MP3 file format
  • but when i play this file, i don’t see (in VLC or in WMP) the name of the song & artist, and i cannot use the ‘go to the next/previous track’ buttons.

No doubt that i made some mistakes. I think it was just a question of labels… Could you help me ?

For those who wonder why i did that : this is because when i copy all these MP3 songs separately in 1 ‘data cd’ and i play it in my car, the cd player reads these songs in the alphabetical order instead than in my ‘playlist’ one. I thought creating 1 big file would solve this issue. In case there’s a better solution do not hesitate…

Many thanks for your help,

Once you have the track labelled, use “Export Multiple” to export each track as a separate file.
If you prefix the name the tracks with a number (01_track_name, 02_track_name, 03_track_name…) then they will be in alphanumeric order.
See here:

If your player supports id3 tags (metadata) then you may also want to add metadata to each exported file (as explained in that article).