I have just started using Audacity. How can you make a readable copy of pages of the manual? Or is there a way to have pages viewable as you are using Audacity?

Open the manual from the Audacity “Help” menu.
Assuming that you installed Audacity 2.0.6 from the recommended Windows Installer, the help pages will be installed locally (on your computer) and will open in your default web browser.

Hello again, thanks to Steve for help. However I have had the manual open, but as soon as you work on the main program,( Toolbar), the manual disappears, so how is it possible to have a permanent view of the manual while at the same time work on the program? The only alternative if you do not have a photographic memory like myself is to laboriously hand copy the required notes and go from there!

You should be able to resize the windows so that you can see both (though both will be a bit small unless you have a huge monitor display).

Alternatively, pressing the"Alt" and “Tab” keys together should allow you to quickly switch from one to the other.

Alternatively, you should be able to print single pages from your web browser (assuming that you have a printer).

What do you normally do if you want to see two things at the same time on your computer?

Hello again I apologise for being such a pain, but I cannot get Audacity to operate in such a manner that I can use it! I have downloaded the 2.0.6. version from the official Audacity site for windows 7 (my O.S.). I have tried to open and minimise the manual while using the toolbar but as I have said before the view of the minimised manual disappears as soon as the first click is done! I have tried to print a manual page, by right clicking on the page, the option to print comes up click on PRINT and then an option comes up where to store the text!! This is not really what I wanted but ok, try to store it in Word or Documents- to no avail, nothing happens. It seems that this is only happening to me so any suggestions as to what I have done wrong in the downloading or storage process will be welcome!

I have found a suitable way to have the manual viewable when using Audacity. Found a website with the Audacity manual, have put in my browser favourites and can now switch between Audacity and the manual. Not the ideal solution but it works fine. Thanks for help and sorry for your time!

So what exactly happens when you open the “Help” menu in Audacity and click on “Manual (in web browser)” ?

Yes of course Steve you are right, exactly the same to answer your question! I was so intent on trying to have the two on the same page that I missed the obvious. Anyway surprisingly I am progressing with my first task- converting audio cassettes to mp3. Thanks again for your patience!

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