Malware in Download Site?

Windows 8.1. Audacity Version 2.1.2. Downloaded the .exe installer.
I do have a 98% programming aptitude, but I have not worked in 25 years, and I’m totally new to anything audio. I’m also not an expert in cleaning up malware, etc. I find that chore impossible. I just wish to convert my vinyl records to mp3’s and maybe convert CD’s, too, through the AUX output on my unit. I had e-mailed you which was probably not read, so I will copy and paste it here.
I recently bought a Jensen record player that uses your software. Your software is highly recommended all over the place. I’m writing to ask about the site that we are downloading the software from. Jensen is sending us to There is a comment on that page that says it is full of malware, etc. and to go to your site. I’m finding that to download the software from your site actually downloads it from at which Webroot is warning me that there is a high possibility I will be getting malware, etc. I’m worried about that since I just had Geek Squad wipe 4 computers and reload the original software, Windows 7 and 8.1. I’d like to hear from you about this matter, please, before I install this software.

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The correct address for the Audacity website is here:

FossHub are our official download partners. They provide the servers and bandwidth that makes Audacity (and other free software) available to millions of people. FossHub is supported by advertizing. They take a lot of care to avoiding malicious adverts, but as with downloading from anywhere, you should still be careful when using the Internet. Ensure that your anti-virus software is up to date and avoid random clicking.

Webroot is very up-to-date. Not interested in any clicking on that site. So you are saying that there will not be malware, etc. in the .exe installer selection?

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Please see That is the exact file that was uploaded to FossHub.


Thank you . . . One more small question and anything else you might tell a newbie. Converting Vinyl Records to mp3’s. Should I then use the Plug-in LAME MP3 encoder?
Thank you for all your help. Definitely will be donating. :wink:

Yes you must add LAME to your computer. See

Thank you very much. All contributions are appreciated.

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@Susan - please note that my personal opinion is that WebRoot has made a mistake. If you check FossHub on VirusTotal, Sucuri, Google or any other security related service you will see that we are listed as clean. I have made a request to Webroot and requested a review. With all respect, their algorithm seems to give more weight to a domain age than domain history or actions. I checked and sites that have a bad reputation have a higher score than FossHub which is the opposite of such sites. I am confident they fix this error.

Please note that Audacity files and other software titles listed on our site are safe. We advise anyone to download and upload any file on VirusTotal, Jotti or any other anti-malware service to double-check. Thank you!

Thank you - I did trust the answer I had gotten. I’ve been studying is and using it on and off today :slight_smile:

Thank you, Susan! I will post an update just in case other users will encounter a similar issue in the future and maybe they find this post.

In the meantime, I received an answer from them, here is the reply:

Hello again -

We have reviewed and have updated the site to a reputation score of 81 per your suggestion. This change is now published in the BrightCloud Service and is available in Database version 4.839.

Thanks again for your suggestion!

So, things should be fixed in the next future versions, if not; I will get in touch with them again and ask for a new re-evaluation.

Thanks - good to update anything we can find in every topic dealing with computers :slight_smile: