Male-to-Female Voice Change

I need assistance with editing a vocal track from a male voice to a female voice. I’ve looked at several tutorials, and searched the forums for help but my voice always comes out like a squirrel. I’ve even tried stuff like MorphVox with no success.
I wanted to do voice work for some of my animations, so any help or if you could point me in the right direction would be wonderful.

Audacity does not have a tool that shifts formants, so only a few semitones of change will sound natural.

Have you tried RoVee


I did try RoVee, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

You’re probably expecting too much. We can’t help without absolute specifics such as the amount of pitch change or equalization change you want.

You could try the Male > Female voice change effect in this standalone freeware Windows program:


The program has to “know” what a voice is. You can’t just wholesale change all the pitches of every sound.

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