Male and Female to remove only one?

Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate forum for this kind of question.
I’m using 3.0.2 on Win10.
I have a clip, acapella, with both male and female vocals. I’m trying to remove the male vocals as much as possible.
Using the Vocal Reduction and Isolation effect with the Remove Center action seems to remove the female vocals adequately, but I’m wanting the opposite. Is it possible to have the female vocals instead?
I’ve attached a sample for smarter minds than mine to examine.

Try this:

  1. Duplicate the track.
  2. To the upper track, apply “Remove center (to mono)”
  3. Split the first track (see:
  4. Apply “Invert” effect to the top (mono) track.
  5. Join the two mono tracks back to a stereo track
  6. Select the bottom (stereo) track.
  7. “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix stereo down to mono”
  8. Select all (Ctr + A)
  9. “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render”
  10. Apply “Isolate center”.

I think that’s as good as it gets unless you’re prepared to accept a less natural sound:

In this version I filtered out frequencies below about 200 Hz, then selected the first (male) couple of seconds of the track and used that as the “Noise Profile” in the Noise Reduction effect, then applied Noise Reduction to the entire track.
That does reduce the male vocal further, but it is starting to sound a bit robotic (over processed):

Thanks much. I’ll try this straight away. A less-than-natural sound should do fine for me. I’m wanting to use this track for a lip sync plugin for some 3D modeling. The male vocals were really screwing up the scene.

Reading back my previous post, it is perhaps not clear.
For the second version (female2.ogg), I did the same steps (1 to 10) as the first version, and then applied the low-cut (high-pass) filtering and Noise Reduction.

How did you record it in the first place? Listening to the clip it sounds as if the male vocals are double track and paned far left and far right.