Making yourself sound like an old man

Hello guys i am new to Audacity and have no experience with it whatsoever. I looked for alot of videos and forum posts about this subject but couldnt find the answer i am looking for. Im basicly filming a short film and there is a voice over scene. My friend who is doing the voice over is 21 and he should sound like 60-70 years old. How can i achieve this with Audacity ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can make a voice sound hoarse by vocoding it with noise …

I used the free “mda TalkBox” vocoder plugin, rather than Audacity’s native vocoder.

couldnt find the answer i am looking for.

That’s because it’s generally done with acting. I know 21 year olds that can perform old men. You just have the wrong 21 year old.

I’m a male bass. I did a respectable woman once through acting and good microphone management. No filters.


Trebor, we had some code for hoarseness, didn’t we?


It’s possible , but I can’t remember having code to add hoarseness.
I do remember that Audacity’s native vocoder isn’t “high-resolution” enough for the job.