Making voices audible

Hi guys,

Know I’ve posted this one before, but I’m still struggling. I have an audio recording taken inside of a loud bar. I don’t need to totally eliminate the background noise, but I do need to make the voices audible so I can fully recall our conversation. Can anyone offer any ideas? I have included a small sample of what I’m dealing with, and the main female voice you can hear at first is the one that I need to clearly make out - I was the other one, so I can recall what I said if I can just hear enough to recall our conversation. I’ll attach the sample… can anyone offer advice? THANKS!
Sample.wma (970 KB)

Still true. We can’t help a sound track where you can’t understand speech right out of the gate. Plus, parts of the track have clipping distortion (crackles) if the noise and rumble wasn’t bad enough.

The only tool we have is Effect > Equalization > Select Curve: Telephone.

Effect > Noise Removal doesn’t work because the background noise is ever changing, and it’s too close to actual voices. You’re asking Audacity to pick out one violin from the orchestra. That’s also why you can’t understand the words just listening to them cold. Next time you do this, make a video. Being able to see lips makes all the difference.

You need a company skilled in surveillance and voice recovery.


I appreciate the quick reply… It’s such a pain because even using telephone I’m only JUST barely unable to make it out. some parts are so close!

some parts are so close!

They’re actually not. That’s your head “making it up” out of trash.

“I can almost hear the winter wind in the trees whispering to me…‘call your mum when you get home…’”

The problem with that is three different people hear three different things.

“Send the duvet out to be cleaned…”

“Pay the light bill…”


How did you make that recording? I can do much better than that using fairly simple equipment. I have not tried my phone, though. I guess that’s everybody’s immediate, knee-jerk reaction.


You can do well with advanced technology, too. I made up a meeting room recording system with good microphones and very high quality stereo and you could listen to the recordings on headphones and clearly hear and understand several people talking at once.