Making sounds sound like they are corrupted

I’m using version 2.1.3, and I am on Windows 10.
Ok, here is something I haven’t seen anything posted about before: I want to make a sound sound like it is corrupted. (Does that make sense? I’m not sure if I worded it right…)

I want to make a sound sound like it is corrupted

That’s like describing the standard car crash.

I’m not sure if I worded it right…

What’s the show? Why do you want that? There’s one dangerous reason to garble somebody’s voice. That’s to make it so they can’t be recognized. First, you can’t actually do that, and then, Audacity can’t be used for law enforcement, surveillance or conflict resolution.

Did I hit it?


A “corrupted” digital signal ? , or an analog signal corrupted by interference ?.
A link to an example of what you’re looking for would help.

Two free* plugins from glitchmachines which corrupt sound …

I can testify they both work in Audacity on Windows.

[ * glitchmachines plugins normally cost ~$50 ]

More corrupting plugins which work in Audacity on Windows.
Tritik (bit) Krush & an old free version (1.3) of dBlue-Glitch

No, i just want to do it for a slender project on scratch. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t have Slender without distorted sounds.

For SlenderMan-ish sounds I’d get some noises from freesound and put them through Hysteresis / Fracture / Krush.

Those (free) plug-ins come with many presets, (& the first two can randomize settings).