Making sound more crisp/clear because it currently sounds muffled/distant

Hey, I will upload the sample MP3 here from a few that I want to edit in Audacity. Some of the problems I have with the audio are:

  • Volume too low. I fixed this by amplifying the audio and it works well!
  • Sounds a little distant/muffled (I’m not sure what the correct term is, someone please enlighten me?) → I tried to fix this by getting the noise profile in the first few seconds (you can hear it after amplifying the audio), and then use noise reduction on the whole audio track. It made no difference :frowning:
  • Breathing sounds → I’m fixing this by manually clipping out the audio parts that have the breathing sounds

I’m a complete beginner in audio editing and I’ve always used audio like this (more or less) on my video, but I want to learn better on how to provide a better audio. I’m using a mic that sounds well on the review videos of multiple content creators, but when I use it myself, it sounds like this. Could anyone help me?

Check you’re actual recording from the external microphone that you’ve attached, rather than the computer’s built-in microphone.

Make a recording and gently tap on the microphone and say “this is the microphone”, then gently tap on the computer saying “this is the computer”.

Then review that recording: the tapping noise will be loudest in the device you are recording from.

Hey thanks for the help! Unfortunately, you are so right >.< Omg I can’t believe that I used the wrong input for the voice recording. I tried tapping and indeed was not recording using the mic… I guess I have to rerecord everything.

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