Making PlayLists In Audiocity

I am new to Audiocity and need help about creating playlists ?

If anyone has any info about creating playlists please contact me.

Audacity doesn’t use playlists. What are you trying to do?

when I play a regular audio CD yn my car CD olayer it will show show the artist name, song title, etc, but when I burn mp3 songs on a CD and play it in my car CD player it does not show the artist name, song title, etc. Is there any way I can make my car CD player show the namea of my mp3 songs ?

Problem solved !

I downloaded a program called “mp3tageditor” which allows you edit the metadata of a mp3 file so you can see the name of a mp3 song when its played on my car CD player.

I appreciate you trying to help me.