Making music with Audacity

My experience with Audacity :
Using Audacity and based on a scientific principle★ I have slightly modified my audio to sound it very much better and much more natural (when heard with a headphones, and assisted with a simple gadget*) since what I hear is a live audio.By doing so I can enliven any artist through his/her audio or singer and feel a great satisfaction in hearing them.

I thank everyone in the Audacity team for it.

Many of the music lovers do not know its importance and most common men are not techno savvy. So I feel something should be done about it. 
Surprisingly many of them do not hear the sound the same way as me. Their brain response may be different. It was judged from their lack of spontaneous reaction. But there may be millions around the world who have the similar hearing like mine.

I wish to know how experts  and possibly other people experience about it.

★Principle : When two images are taken each from a slightly different angles and viewed simultaneously from a stereoscope the image appears in 3D in the same way when two channels of same song separated from each other by a small time when heard simultaneously in a headphones the audio appear as live or 3D.

I have modified my audio as follows:

I had selected song as my audio source. Opened in Audacity and split the channels for separate editing. Then I had introduced a silence of 12 mille second (optimum for many) in front of the left channel and adjusted volume of channels to my choice.

Many of those tested liked the left channel lagging behind the right one.

Some liked it the right channel lagging ( left handed persons mostly liked this).
Still other liked it after coupling headphones with the simple gadget*. Volume is adjusted by this gadget so that the audio appeared to emit sound from the center when heard with over/on the ear headphones.
And some others did not experience any betterment.

*gadget: dual (left and right) volume adjuster or a headphones with separate volume control over both the ears.( images of both these gadjets that I have available on request). It can also compensate for one kind of hearing loss.
Audacity can also adjust the channel volumes to some extent.

Samir Bhakta.

Thanks for the suggestions. We did notice a shift in the effect depending on whether the listener was on headphones or speakers and then how well balanced or separated their speakers were.

The delay is a good trick to create “manufactured stereo” and add interest to a mono performance.


let me listen