Making Monsters

I’m trying to make a monster sound but I’m having trouble making it sound natural. I have three different sounds together but they just don’t sound like they’re coming from the same animal. I’m extremely new to audio mixing, does anyone have any tips on how to make it sound like one thing?

Are you generating sound in Audacity or recording real monsters…
If generating…experiment with low frequency “Chirps” over a few seconds in length, probably “sawtooth” … building up loudness and decaying loudness…and building up and decaying frequencies they will sound like “Growls” or “Yelps”…
In a second track generate more “chirps” this time to sound like low frequency “thumps”…to sound like the monster is coming after you… etc etc…
If you want you can mix them down to one track and export them as a sound file(mp3 etc) to play on your phone etc…

Don’t just gaze at the low-pitched sounds, either. Two people will have the same SS and FF sounds, but yet speak whole words with very different pitches.

Just lowering the pitch of an existing sound will change everything and may just sound muffled like you threw a blanket over it.


I thought it was something to get started with and experiment with…?

I was using pre created sounds, just ones I was able to find online.

I didn’t know you could generate sounds in audacity, how do you do that?

Exactly correct. We note that kind of production plunks you right down in Hollywood Magic. I know my show is an iPhone SE in my bedroom, but how do I make it Sound Like a large monster threatening my neighborhood?

You can do humor, too. You can make special effects so corny it’s funny. The monster looks like a puppy and barks at half-speed. Or how about whining at normal pitch then then slides down to thunder and earthquake tones.

Getting the sound right is a terrific start. People ruin their shows by ignoring it.

There was a news show where someone went to a lot of trouble to recreate a news set, lighting, effects, desks, colors, etc. The first time somebody spoke it was instant kids recording in a bathroom.


Generate from the tool bar.

Screen Shot 2024-04-19 at 8.08.37 AM

But don’t get too excited about that. If you want to recreate telephone touch-tones, Audacity is for you.

The natural knee-jerk solution is Find It On-Line. You do have to weave your way around copyright and ownership issues, but yes, you can do that.

Or you could use Lossless iPhone Voice Memos and record your own. Fair warning, make sure you can transfer the M4A sounds to your computer before you shoot a two-hour show.


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