Making CD's from mp3 files.

I use Mac OS X 10.9 Yosemite. I recently downloaded the latest version of Audacity. I desire to copy 60 minute mp3 files to Compact Disks. I want the audio on the CD’s to track every 3 minutes. How do I accomplish that? Yancy

You want to do a variation of splitting a recording into separate tracks. You want a separate file for each 3 minutes.

Import your 60-minute long MP3 file into Audacity
Select the entire track then do Anaylyse > Regular Interval Labels, putting in a label every 180 seconds.
Then do File > Export Multiple. You should end up with 20 separate files (WAV or AIF) which you can then burn to an audio CD.

– Bill

Yosemite is OS X 10.10. If you have Yosemite, Audacity 2.0.6 does not officially support it.