Making Audio Captcha using audacity

Hello everyone, I have two folders. One of them contains A-Z and 0-9 audio clips of 1.5 seconds and in another folder I have different kinds of noises. I want to take 5 characters from first folder (randomly) and stitch them. Then randomly select a noise from the noise folder and add that to the already 5 characters audio that has been stitched. Can I do this using audacity?

How many times will you need to do this? Once, twice, 10 times, 50000 times, more?

I want this 1000 times first, then 5000 times and if needed then 10,000 times. I am making a dataset for training a neural network.

If you know Python, then probably your best option would be to automate Audacity with Python. See:

(Note that the scripting API is not yet frozen, so there may be changes in later versions of Audacity, though such changes are likely to be small).

Maybe possible with SoX … SoX - Wikipedia

[stitch = concatenate ]

unCaptcha-ing ?

Yes, I am trying to break audio captcha for which I need a dataset and I am trying to make my own dataset.