Making an instrumental version better

I’m making an instrumental from a song. I’ve used a website to get the instrumental. I have imported it to Audacity, but when I play it, it has some bits of the vocals and the music has lower quality. Any way how to fix this?

Audacity version: 3.0.2
OS: Windows 10

A “classic” vocal remover (Audacity has this effect built-in) works by subtracting left from right to remove “centered” vocals and sometimes it works “perfectly”. But if the vocals not identical and-in-phase in both channels they won’t be completely removed. There is often some remaining vocal reverb or some background vocals, etc.

The BIGGER PROBLEM is, everything else in the center also gets removed so this is mostly a novelty effect and not something that can be used for high-quality audio production. (The bass is normally centered but it can be left-out of the subtraction since the vocals don’t include any deep bass.)

If you have the original file with the vocals you can try [u]Spleeter[/u] and you might get better results.

It takes forever for it to remove the vocals. And for removing the reverb I have to pay, and I want to do it just for free.

“You can’t un-bake a cake of un-fry an egg, and you can’t un-mix sound”

Artificial intelligence in improving every day, so maybe someday…

But for now, there are good reasons that most music is multi-track recorded so all of the instruments and vocals are on separate tracks where they can be individually adjusted & edited with different effects applied, etc. Recording would be greatly simplified if you could just stick one mic in front of a band, record in mono, and then un-mix later. It would also solve any issues with background noise (if you could un-mix the noise) which is the main thing that separates a pro recording studio from a home recording studio.