Making an audio book with Audacity ...

Hey Folks!
Can anyone help!
I have an audiobook I have made and want to sell on my website.
It’s a series of lectures, 12MP3 files, approx 20 min each, that I have both seperately
AND have combined into ONE file on Audacity with Chapters and Tags, BUT
The file has fast-forward, but no Chapter jump capabilites, like I am sure an audiobook
is meant to have, and
Nowhere does a menu come up with the Tags listed.
The closest I have come to making it work is on itunes, but how do you export an
audiobook from itunes to a third party for sale on a website?
Does anyone have the answer to this - boy am I getting frustrated.
Many Thanks

I don’t know and it’s scary when Google doesn’t appear to, either. The obvious one is to distribute on Music CDs. CD players have all those features – except chapter and show labels.

Write back if you figure it out.


I’ve actually done this. VLC player has the ability to scan and you can stack performances so they play one after the other. Koz

To some advice with media products, they are very easy to copy. You may want to opt for a secure e-book format. A site like is good for that and its free.

You would be able to protect videos and images, but not actual sound at least I don’t think so. When the software is running, it restricts other media software from running like you can’t run any other video software or screen recorders.

That’s what I found. There are very nice ways to publish and distribute printed matter – Adobe PDF for one, but audio presentations seemed to get left out. I think we had a forum question about that earlier and we came up with an audio publishing standard that nobody uses. I guess the desire is a secure, super CD standard. Titles, chapter labels and titles, scrolling, and chapter flipping.

I got that sinking feeling when Wikipedia kept asking me if I wanted to author an article on AudioBook Publishing.

Bad sign…


I host a podcast for writers. I will ask around the community about audio books.


Is it previously published in print? Have you considered making a deal with Audible through Upload mp3 files for separate chapters and they do the rest.