Making a voice looks older?


is there a way to do it with some kind plugin oder program? It’s for an animation film, where a granny screams “Nooo!”. I couldn’t find and record a proper voice. So I have a normal female voice but I would like to make a it looks “older”…

I would be very thankfull for any kind of help!

PS: I tried to make some changes with pitch shifer but it didn’t help much…

You could try asking the voice talent at the Freesound forum to make a recording for you …

Find a human voice talent. It’s not a simple change and it may not even be a pitch change. It’s delivery rhythm, accented phrases and sometimes a little quiver to the voice.

Nobody remembers Gilda Radner’s real voice, but she did old women so well that it was a shock the first time you heard her speak straight. Your head kept wanting her to break into the Emily Litella granny voice.