Making a playlist and crossfading

I just downloaded 2.1 and I use Windows 8. I am trying to make a playlist for a group fitness class. I am trying to figure out how to get tracks end to end and cross fade them. When I get them end to end and try to cross fade I get a message that more than one track is selected. I need the answers pretty simple, I am really new to this stuff! Thanks!

Have you tried the instructions on [u]this page[/u]?

We don’t make that. Look at Help > About Audacity… . It should say 2.1.0 (all three numbers) or 2.1.1-alpha if you are risking running an alpha version.

If it says only “2.1”, uninstall that and get 2.1.0 from us Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

Are you using Effect > Crossfade Tracks… or Crossfade Clips in 2.1.1-alpha? If the latter, the clips you want to crossfade must be in one track. If they are not, Edit > Select > All then Tracks > Mix and Render.