Making a few seconds of a track more 'beat-y'

I’m trying to make a track for dressage freestyle to music - dancing with your horse to music. I’m using existing songs so so far I’ve basically just cut out the bits I don’t want, organised everything so it fits into the correct order for us to ‘dance’ to. I’m just wondering for a few seconds of a track, how I could make the beat stand out more? We have to do a slightly faster version of one of the moves and I want the music to really signify this change, maybe adding something in or making the beat stand out more. I’ve timed it so the track itself is already in a more upbeat part, but I just wondered if I could add anything extra?

Happy to explain more if needed!
Thanks :smiley:

Expanding the bass frequencies, (i.e. those below ~200Hz), will make drum & bass more prominent.
Audacity does not have a native expand-dynamic-range effect, but I know of 3 free expander plugins …

“La Petite excite” … Fine Cut Bodies | Sound Design,
It’s the simplest to use of the three: (first try turning up “low” knob).

“Cramit” … Cramit | Free Multiband Compressor With Distortion [VST3 only].
The arrows pointing away form each other = expanding.

“ToneBooster’s FIX V3” [VST2 only] … Free (v3) ToneBooster's plugins - #2 by Trebor
The most complicated of the three.