Making 1 cd length track from 2 sides cassette

I have hundreds of cassette tapes. I want to join side 2 after side 1. Can this be done by starting the cassette, starting Audacity Record, playing to the end of the tape, pausing Record in Audacity, turning the tape around, playing the tape and leaving pause for Record?

How is this done easily?

Also, in the current beta version you can use Shift+R to “append record” (continue recording on the same track, even if recording has been “stopped” rather than just paused.)

I have a similar question, i’ve created my own sample mix using around 30 different tunes, i’ve recorded it & saved the project, but what i want to do is keep the seperate tracks without having the gaps in the music :confused: , is there a way i can do this with this programme?
any help would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: forgot to mention that i’d be using itunes to burn the project so i can name the individual tracks on the cd

OK, you’ve saved the Audacity project but not exported anything, right? Have a look at this:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD
Scroll to the bottom to see the mini-tutorial on splitting songs and exporting. You want to make sure that there are no gaps in your Audacity track, so check that first. Make sure it flows the way you want. Export as AIF or WAV (it’s a lot faster).

In iTunes, go to Preferences > General, then click the “Import Settings” button. For “Import using:” select either “AIFF encoder” or “WAV encoder” to match the format you exported from Audacity. (No need to have iTunes make MP3s when your goal is to burn a CD). Import the songs into iTunes. Create a playlist and drag those tunes into the playlist. You’ll probably have to set the order of the tunes again in the playlist. Select the playlist then click the “Burn Disc” button that appears at the bottom right of the window. In the Burn Settings dialog set the Gap Between Songs to “None”.

– Bill

Music CDs do not carry song titles. If you’re in iTunes and put a Music CD in your Mac, iTunes will look up the song titles on GraceNote or other network naming service. iTunes will seem to be reading the titles from the disk, but it’s not. It’s guessing at it based on the order and character of the songs.

If you disconnect your Mac from the internet and put a brand new purchased from WallMart music CD in, iTunes will call the songs track1.cda, track2.cda, etc. Because of this song and dance (pun intended) the system can get it wrong. I have recorded a radio talk show that iTunes thinks is performed by a Rhythm & Blues singer.

I don’t know what will happen if you use real music out of order. In any event, typing each song title in won’t do any good except to give you a list you can print on the outside of the disk. iTunes will either get it right or not without you.


Actually, if you burn a CD with the “CD-TEXT” option in Toast, the CD will carry the song titles, and they will be displayed by capable CD players (such as the one in my car). Toast uses the song titles you enter into it’s burn list to make the CD text, so it is not limited to tags or file names.

iTunes studiously ignores CD text, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t burn any CD text info to the CD. I don’t know, 'cuz I don’t use iTunes to burn CDs.

– Bill