Make Voice Sound rough

How can I make my voice sound rough. Like a man’s voice… (I am female)

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Are you suggesting all men sound “rough” ? :laughing:

You can try pitch changing but it won’t sound very natural as the formants must also be taken into consideration.

“Make Me Sound Like” posts almost always fail. People still pay actors to do these jobs because software doesn’t do a very good job.

It’s not a simple matter of pitch change or adding tonal distortions. Some parts of a voice change, but other parts don’t.

I use the example of two people whispering to you. You can’t tell anything about the performers until they actually say something.

Lauren Bacall’s voice pitch was lower than Humphrey Bogart.

Post back if you find a method, software, or service that can do a good job.


Below an example of before and after, note how unrealistic the changed voice sounds.

If you just want to have some fun, then it does not really matter, add some ambiance
and other SFX and you too can sound like the master of the dark side… :smiley:

If you just want rough, like Marge Simpson’s smoking sisters, vocode with (pink) noise …

Marge Simpson’s smoking sister hey?
Let’s have some fun with that then…