Make recoding sound like speakers


I want to make a recording and make it sound like through speakers in a train for example.

Is that possible with Audacity and, if so, how can I do it?

Thanks for your help in advance

maybe. what do you mean by speakers in a train ???
people talking on a train? boombox playing on a train? train making your speakers shake and rumble as it goes by? you really need to tell us what does speakers on a train sound like in your opinion before we can suggest an answer that could help.


I don’t know the correct word in English (not a native speaker), but what I mean is the announcements that are made, like “Next stop: whatever”. I want to make a similar announcement for a plane, but usually you don’t hear the voice very clearly. It’s a little muffled and metallic, if you know what I mean…

Hope that helps.

Similar to “pilot helmet microphone” effect …

and add a some of reverb and/or echo. Before-After example attached.

okay that helps. i am not an expert on this but others here should be able to help more. i suspect that the train announcement would have limited bandwidth , probably has some distortion, the car/plane itself may provide a tiny bit of reverb and/or some filtering of the higher freqs. and often there is a little noise mixed in. there is no standard. you will have to play with those adjustments to see what you think fits the sound you are trying to get. audacity can help shape the freqs with eq. you can add noise (record thermal noise from an empty mike input and amplify as needed). probably a distortion filter available on the web. dont forget the voice. the ones around here can’t speak like the average person does so you may want to add their unique accent or regional sound to the voice too.

Those look great. Any chance you guys know a pre-done filter? I searched but didn’t find anything (at least not with my search terms). :wink:

A note. The train announcement would come from a speaker relatively close to you and would be mixed with natural train noises – assuming everything is moving. The platform announcement would have the echo on it, reflections from the long platform.

The script writers would have a man do the announcement in slightly off English followed by a woman in a foreign language. This cements in the audience’s perception of a foreign train station, even if you’re producing the shot in Wilmington, Delaware.

You don’t have to do everything with a special effects plugin.


<<<Those look great. Any chance you guys know a pre-done filter? I searched but didn’t find anything (at least not with my search terms).>>>

Try the Leveler set to maximum – maybe more than once. Then apply the equalizer or high pass filter set to 400 or so. All this in Audacity 1.3.11.

There is no preset filter because the effect depends entirely on the script. One of the American trains, believe it or not, had an announcer that sounded like a BBC presenter, and may, in fact, actually have been a BBC presenter voice. No cracking overload and no static.