make my voice sound like I am ill

I am trying to make a song about where a certain Pokémon is taking care of me while I am ill… can anybody point me in the right direction on how to make my voice sound like that if I was ill!!! maybe like if I had a fever or something… I don’t want no fake sounding sickness, I want this song to sound like I really am sick (ill) when I sing this…

We kill almost all requests that start: “…make my voice sound like…”
It’s really hard to change a voice without making it sound like a machine did it. Audacity has no tools that can turn a human voice into a different human voice.

I admit this is a new version. Usually we are asked to change a male into female, adult into child, or anybody into an announcer/presenter. Occasionally, “Make my voice sound better.” Hasn’t worked yet. We can do one note key changes with Effect > Change Pitch without making you sound too strange, but that’s about it.

Any actor can do this without the machine. Lots of things change when you get sick, not just pitch, and you can act them, like the inability to say certain letters. “I have a code in my dose.”

Alternately, you can record someone that sounds like you when you’re sick.


hoarse ? …

OK, there is one. We can do a credible job with “Air Traffic Controller.” That’s mostly the telephone effect and lots, and lots of distortion. We can do distortion. But even there, without the acting, without the clipped, rapid, no-nonsense delivery and swing, it still sounds like you in your mum’s kitchen.


so, what you are saying that you cannot help me out??? :frowning:

I think the consensus is that the solution to your question is about acting skills rather than technical skills.

I SUCK at acting!!! I was going to ask “change emotion of voice” after I got this answered because I SUCK at acting so much!!!

Was that sample from Trebor any help?

No, we still can’t change a voice into anything else. Yes, actors do this for a living. You write them a check and hand them a script and get out of the way.

Sometimes the least likely people turn out to have really good acting chops. I sat through a presentation and then I asked who was the announcer because I didn’t recognize them and I knew the job didn’t go outside the company.

“That’s your department head.”

We have a four-foot-nine production assistant who sounds like that PBS announcer guy. “Next on Nova, diving to the center of the earth.” I called CalTech (a local call) and his voice does show up on seismometers.

I SUCK at acting so much!!!

Maybe you’re just doing it wrong. Record some of your work and then somebody whose acting you really like and play them back to back. See if you can imitate their rhythm and cadence. Most people talk flat and nasal and hate themselves on recordings. That doesn’t have to be like that, either. Announcers give a lot more emphasis and pitch variation than you would think. Someone once told me to put everything you got into it and force it to sound like a bad cartoon. Son of a gun if it didn’t sound a lot better than what I had been doing.


I kinda figured out somewhat of an ill sounding voice myself… here is how I did it…

first I used a “telephone” VST and slid it all the way to the right
then I used a plugin included in the LADSPA plugins pack called “Valve Saturation” and slid both sliders all to the right… here is what came out of it attached…

first is the sick voice followed by my normal voice… see the comparison???

I haven’t got this to work well in ALL cases… but singing the vocals rather than talking them sure make this method sound like I am more ill…

My hoarse effect won’t work with singing, what about vibrato …

TremVib.ny (3.17 KB)

Trebor - how did you do that hoarse effect?

Talkbox” (which is like a vocoder) with white noise.

Thanks Trebor. I downloaded the VST kit and was able to duplicate your work.

It seems to me that if we could find a sound source that was “scratchy” or “gravelly” - some kind of distortion - to take the place of the white noise, we could indeed create the sound of a voice that was hoarse and gravelly.

Anyone have any ideas on what such a sound source could be?