Make Mono Audio Sound Like It's Stereo

I’ve got some vocals that were unfortunately recorded in mono. What’s the best way to get it sounding - as much as is possible - a bit more like stereo?

I’ve read about duplicating the audio, panning them left and right, and changing one of them so it’s slightly different. But if I do that, how should I pan the audio - what percentages Left and Right?

Are there any other techniques for emulating stereo sound?

There is a free Audacity plug-in to produce pseudo-stereo from mono, here … Pseudo-stereo effect - #3 by Trebor

Thanks, that’s great.

Oh and when you add a new track, is there any way to have the new track appear just below your currently selected one, rather than it appearing right at the bottom and having to drag it all the way up to where you want it?

I’m not sure if this method is quicker than moving up the new empty mono track, (it depends how many tracks you’re using), but you could …

Create a new stereo track (rather than create a new mono track) which will appear at the bottom.
Copy and paste the single mono track you want to make pseudo-stereo into it, (it will become dual mono).
Delete* or mute* the original mono track and apply the pseudo-stereo effect to the dual mono version.

[* optional: you may want to keep the original mono version in the mix: mixing it with the pseudo-stereo version produces a more subtle pseudo-stereo effect}

Not at present, but there is a “Feature Request” for this.


Placement of new tracks: (11 votes)
At top (6 votes)
Underneath selected track(s) (5 votes)

I’ll add your vote.