Make Audacity remember gain slider display?

I have a project with four tracks. (My screen is 1024x768.) Somewhere during weeks of work, the vertical height of each one was set so the gain slider and pan slider were not visible. I was doing tons of editing within the track waveforms. When it came time to export each track as a separate wav file, I tried left clicking on each track I wanted and choosing Export Selection. That worked fine except for the drum track export that was silent. Long story short: I finally realized that although I could not see the gain slider, there was still a “zone of interactivity” in the track control panel near the gain slider. My single click to select the track also reset the exported gain to zero.

I’ve read numerous online docs, tinkered and looked through Preferences and the various drop-down menus. Can’t find a way to force Audacity to remember the track height settings on a track or tracks. I can change them by dragging the edge, but when I then go to File > Save, the Save Project option is grayed out. In effect, Audacity apparently does not see track height (and therefore visibility of the two sliders) as real changes to the project settings. Toggling the Track Collapse Button (triangle) has been no help so far.

Thanks. This bug is known about .

Assuming you are using the current Audacity 2.0.5 from then track height is recorded in the project syntax.

However changing the track height is not regarded as making the project “dirty” (that is, containing unsaved changes), because this would add too many items to the undo/redo history. For the same reason, operating Mute and Solo do not make the project dirty.

The height change could be "autosaved’ without creating an undo/redo item (if so, the height change would appear when reopening the project). However, currently autosaving is slow and not very efficient (it scans the whole data and rewrites the AUTOSAVE file). Also, changes in the autosave file are currently discarded on closing the project if the project is “clean” (that is, if File > Save Project is greyed). Personally I think changes in the autosave file should be written to the AUP on closing, even if the project is clean.

So as it is now, you will have to make some edit after changing the track height to save the height in the project.

Alternatively, you could quit Audacity, make a backup copy of the AUP file, then edit the track height in the original AUP file.

If you would you like to make a feature request after reading the above, please let us know then we can move the topic to the “Adding Features” board.


Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. I think I’ll hold off on the feature request until I have some time to decide whether such a change would be of clear good use to most users and not tax the available development resources.