Make a voice sound younger

Okay, I am working on a sound mod and need to edit pre-existing voice files and make them sound younger. I am new to audacity and am having trouble finding out how to do this. After searching extensively, I couldn’t find the answer to this. So, aside from changing the pitch (which is really easy) are there any editations I can make to make a voice sound younger? Please be extensive and thorough in your answer, I am very new to the program and will likely not understand the terminology.

Any help will be appreciated,

I couldn’t find the answer to this.

We couldn’t, either. Changing People is extraordinarily difficult bordering on impossible. Small Child into an Announcer, Man into Woman, etc. We’ve gotten requests for all of them. There may be some very high end $oftware which can do that, but not Audacity.

If you do run across something that works, please post back and tell us what it is. Doesn’t matter if it’s money-based or not.

We tell everybody the same thing. Hire the people you actually want to announce/perform in your show.


Option 1: Raise the pitch a little (may be moderately successful)
Option 2: Hire/bribe/blackmail/cajole a young(er) person, or someone with a young sounding voice to re-record the text.