Make 1 track from 2 remixes

Hi, im new to Audacity and sound editing.

I have 2 remixes, wich have begin and end different, but in the middle of both tracks is the same music, i want to play 1st track, and in the middle continue with track 2.
maybe this can explain better what i want:
track A: aaaaaaa++++++++++aaaaaaa
track B: bbbbbbb++++++++++bbbbbb
track C: aaaaaa+++++++++++bbbbbb

Maybe it looks little bit weird, but i hope you helped it for better understanding of my problem.

That looks like a job for Crossfade tracks.

The tracks will have to be in-sync though : you may have to use time-shift tool to achieve synchronization …

Thank you for the reply, hope will help others too. :wink: