Maintaining Multiview when opening new files


OSx 10.15.7

I open an audio file and always go to Multiview - having both waveform and spectrogram on display concurrently. Whenever I open a new file, however, this is forgotten by Audacity and I need to reopen Multiview. Is there a way to set always Multiview in my preferences?


I asked the same thing a while back!

Edit > Preferences (or Tools > Settings or wherever it is on Mac), and:
Tracks section > Default view mode: Multi-view

SecretCodeSir - you are a legend - thank you.

Much time saved!

Not me! Thank the people here who’ve been around Audacity for much longer and actually know what they’re talking about :wink:

Haha. I watched The Adam Project tonight, and one of the great takeaway lines was

“You can’t be good at something unless you’re willing to be shit at it first.”

I love going through that phase of a new technology.